What is a Respondent

Respondents are individuals who are invited to participate in a market research study.

Your opinion counts - as companies and governments make decisions on advertising or new product developments they value the opinions of their consumers and the general public.

Once a respondent has registered with us, they are entered into our database and will be called every 6 months to participate in a research study. When they are called, they will be asked several qualifying questions. If they qualify for a particular study, they will be given the date, time and location.

Each respondent can expect to receive 2 more calls; one from our confirmer who will ask the screener again and verify that they qualify, and a final call the night before the study to remind them to attend.

To Become A Respondent

All of our panelists are pre-chosen and pre-screened by our recruiters. If you wish to join one of our panels, please contact us at or fill in and submit your request using our Feedback Form, and we will e-mail you with confirmation and a respondent ID number.